Victoria Michael & Oscar

My husband Mike and I decided to find an Independent midwife following my first appointment at my local surgery. Unfortunately by the time I had waited 45 minutes to see the midwife I felt too rushed to ask all the questions I wanted to ask -through no fault of their own the midwives were under staffed and simply trying to see as many mothers-to-be as possible in a short space of time.

I contacted Amelia and when when the three of us met, Mike and I pretty much made up our minds instantly that we would like to work with her. Amelia was very professional and put our minds at rest, letting us ask as many questions as we wanted (no matter how trivial). We loved Amelia’s sense of humour and her straight forward attitude, I asked if I could contact one of her existing clients, which I did and was very happy to hear that she thoroughly recommended Amelia.

I found the monthly and then subsequent weekly visits from Amelia completely re-assuring. In addition, if ever I had any concerns that couldn’t wait, Amelia was always available on the phone. Another huge advantage was that Mike was able to be present at some of the visits asking his own questions (which were usually completely different from mine).

When my due date came and went, rather than having to go into hospital and be induced, Amelia came over to help speed things along more naturally, two days later I started having contractions early in the morning. I phoned Amelia who had already talked me through what I would be experiencing and a few hours later she had arrived (with her own gas and air!) and we were on the way to hospital. Unfortunately it was a long labour but Amelia stayed with Mike and I throughout the night giving us both encouragement and advice throughout. When I was worried about pain relief and the best route to go, Amelia was on hand to help me make decisions without making up my mind for me.

At 10am the following morning, our beautiful son Oscar was born. Amelia stayed with Mike and I in the birthing room and then made sure I was settled in to the ward before going home to get some well deserved rest. I spent one night in hospital and meanwhile Amelia was speaking to Mike to make sure I was OK and arranging to visit when I returned home.

Amelia initially then visited us every 2 days which was so important to us in those incredibly scary early days when you suddenly realise you are completely responsible for another tiny human being. Additionally Amelia was always available on the phone whenever I had concerns, which in that first week was pretty much every day! Amelia not only ensured Oscar was happy and healthy but she made sure I was too.

Mike and I are so grateful for all Amelia’s help and support and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her.

How can I help you?

Looking for an Independent private midwife & health visitor? If you’d like to arrange an appointment, please contact me either via email or telephone.

Dear Amelia Just to let you know Kitty’s tongue seems to be healing well. She can now move it around really well and it hasn’t bothered her atall! Thank you again for your help

Lucy Mark and Kitty

We were happy with all aspects of your care package and would not hesitate to use you again next time! Many thanks for all your help!

Lara Mark and Naomi

When I met you I knew that Id be happy and comfortable placing my care in your hands which strengthened as time progressed. I couldn’t have hoped for a more perfect pregnancy and birth and the circumstances in which Olivia entered the world, at home, and relaxed would not have happened without you. In the first days and weeks as a new Mum it was of great peace of mind to know that you were there for me at the end of a telephone, or in person when I needed you.

Jo and Olivia

I valued the range of experience you had and your professional and friendly manner. I had excellent care and felt really looked after! I particularly liked the pregnancy workshops. In labour your support was completely invaluable, and following Niamh’s birth your advice and visits were reassuring and tremendously appreciated. All I can say is thank you so much for your fantastic work, support and friendship

Lisa Dominic and Niamh

I booked with you as I liked the information you gave me and that you were prepared to work over Christmas. You provided up to date information and directed me to where I could find other information. I was very happy with the care I received especially over the Christmas period.

Alison Nigel and Eleanor

You gave me up to date information about my pregnancy and birth which was invaluable. I chose you following recommendation from a friend. I felt your care enabled me to have a flexible birth plan. I felt able to contact you with any questions. I was so glad to have your support and encouragement in labour. Your care after the birth was invaluable.