Being pregnant, your baby kicking, your body changing, how exciting….

Feedback from clients speak of rushed NHS visits with no time to discuss pertinent questions.

I provide unhurried pre arranged antenatal visits lasting approximately one hour in your home. You will feel more relaxed in a familiar environment with no travelling needed. This gives plenty of time for questions discussions and of course… a nice chat.

Visits can be at as part of a package or individually at any time in your pregnancy.

Consistent antenatal care is the best indicator of wellbeing for the pregnant woman. I will check the physical health of you and your baby. Psychologically I aim to explore your feelings surrounding your pregnancy, baby, preparation for the birth and new parenthood.

I can provide 4 individualised workshops for yourself and your birth partner, exploring all aspects of birth preparation and parenthood. Inclusive in this is guidance on baby massage and breastfeeding.

I listen to your wishes on birthing your baby informing and supporting birth plan decisions. I could liaise with other professionals for example local hypnobirthing specialists if wished.

We help companies turnaround their non-profitable ventures into something that benefits them. Our specialty lies in understanding what makes a company special and what makes it tick.

Get ready for birth and parenthood

‘Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself’ – John Dewey

Information around pregnancy birth and beyond is vast and can be difficult for new parents to traverse. I keep up to date with this information as well as current practices within the NHS. I will share my knowledge with you. You will then be in a position to decide what information that you wish to take depending on its relevance to you and your family.

The classes I provide cover

  • Prepare for Labour including its start progress and coping mechanism
  • Where you are having your baby from home to hospital
  • Feeding baby addressing your questions with research based information

Understanding and caring for your baby

This session discusses issues around how baby interacts and responds to you and how you can support and manage baby both physically and emotionally in early weeks with his/her development. Included in this session is information on what to expect in the early weeks and how your world is likely to change once your little one arrives. This session always promotes discussion. During each session mothers’ comment that their baby is moving a lot. I think he/she is listening too!! Moreover I am always told that parents find the information so interesting as it helps to increase their understanding of the world from the perspective of a small baby.

How can I help you?

Looking for an Independent private midwife & health visitor? If you’d like to arrange an appointment, please contact me either via email or telephone.

Dear Amelia Just to let you know Kitty’s tongue seems to be healing well. She can now move it around really well and it hasn’t bothered her atall! Thank you again for your help

Lucy Mark and Kitty

We were happy with all aspects of your care package and would not hesitate to use you again next time! Many thanks for all your help!

Lara Mark and Naomi

When I met you I knew that Id be happy and comfortable placing my care in your hands which strengthened as time progressed. I couldn’t have hoped for a more perfect pregnancy and birth and the circumstances in which Olivia entered the world, at home, and relaxed would not have happened without you. In the first days and weeks as a new Mum it was of great peace of mind to know that you were there for me at the end of a telephone, or in person when I needed you.

Jo and Olivia

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