Health Visiting

A new baby is a time for celebration but it is equally a time when parents need extra support. As an experienced health visitor I have in depth knowledge of baby development and positive parent baby bonding and interaction. I wish to share this expertise with you during our time together to support you as new parents.

As a registered Health Visitor I have additional training in family health promotion, education and child health. I have gained and maintain my experience working both within the NHS and from independent practice.

I am a member of the Community Practitioners and Health Visitors Association [CPHVA].

Essex Independent Health Visitors offer a full independent personal service to parents and their under 5 year old children in your own home at your convenience.

As an experienced health visitor I have in depth training in baby/child development and positive parent bonding/attachment and interaction.

Parents with young children may seek professional health visiting support to guide them with parenting choices to ensure that their children have a good start in life.

I cover Essex, East and North London and Hertfordshire.


I wish to support parents with their goals for their children, while assessing the needs of the child. As an experienced health visitor I have detailed knowledge of childhood immunisations, accident prevention, baby/child development and promotion of family health. I aim to promote healthy lifestyles and seek to enhance the physical, emotional and mental health of family members.

Understanding and caring for your baby

This session discusses issues around how baby interacts and responds to you and how you can support and manage baby both physically and emotionally in early weeks with his/her development. Included in this session is information on what to expect in the early weeks and how your world is likely to change once your little one arrives. This session always promotes discussion. During each session mothers’ comment that their baby is moving a lot. I think he/she is listening too!! Moreover I am always told that parents find the information so interesting as it helps to increase their understanding of the world from the perspective of a small baby.

My Service

I aim to provide a complete advice and support package to families on all aspects of parenting.

As you will have individualized needs my service will be tailored specifically to your needs.

I can help you choose the programme that best suits your needs depending on the age of your baby/child and the level of support you require. I provide child health and development expertise throughout while supporting you to improve your parenting skills.

Moreover I will share my knowledge of childhood immunisations, accident prevention, baby/child development and promotion of family health. I know the NHS from a health visiting perspective and aim to support your smooth transition to the NHS health visiting service at the end of my time with you.

Birth to 2 years

A full care package could include:

  • A pre-birth visit to plan for the new arrival. This visit would be in your home at your convenience.
  • A new baby visit approximately 2 weeks after the birth to discuss how you are adapting to new parenthood and advice as needed for example on feedling, sleeping developing support networks.
  • Baby check, advice on development at 2-4 weekly intervals (or as requested by you)
  • An assessment of mother’s /family wellbeing around 8 weeks to discuss your physical and psychological health. Research demonstrates that the use of Health Visitors offering psychological support to new mothers after childbirth keeps postpartum depression away.
  • A visit to discuss changing feeding needs around 4-6 months (depending on parent wishes with regard to weaning). Breast-feeding support is always available.
  • A developmental assessment at 1, 2 and 3 years including discussion of any topics as desired by parents for example sleep and behavior management.
  • Autism, dyspraxia, ADHD advice and support.

2 years and onwards

A 2 year development review is recommended to discuss on-going changes for example Speech. 2011 is the national year of communication with the launch of the ‘Hello Time to talk’ campaign. I can assess development and advise you on your child’s speech. Following this I could visit yearly if desired.

I will refer and recommend you to other specialties’ with your consent if this is beneficial. All my contacts with you and other professionals on your behalf are confidential. I give you a full copy of all my records on completion of care package.

Help I could offer you with specific issues:

Issue Typical concerns
Sleep My child does not sleep
My baby is not in any kind of routine
Eating My baby will not give up breast feeding
My baby will not take solid food
My toddler drinks large quantities of milk
Behaviour Aggressive behaviour
No sense of danger
Biting, kicking, hyperactivity
Toileting My toddler won’t give up his nappies
I’m very stressed by the whole idea of potty training
Post-natal depression Have I got it?
Will it ever go? What help is available?
Weight management for adults Help! I can’t get my figure back!
No diets work. What am I doing wrong?
Do I need to loose weight anyway?
Work/life balance Balancing parenthood with work
Do I go back to work at all?
Healthy exercise The gym is boring and unfriendly – what else can I do?
Giving up smoking I’ve tried lots of times, what makes this different?
Recovery after major illness Planning a route back to maximum health

How do I use Essex Independent Health Visitors?

When you contact me by email, please provide a telephone number for me to call you on if desired. I will then arrange a convenient time for a telephone conversation to discuss your needs.

I offer a no commitment ‘Consultation’ visit with yourself and your baby/child in your home to discuss your personal wishes and requirements. There is a cost for this visit to cover time and travel. This lasts for approximately one hour and affords you the time and opportunity to ask any questions you may have and to ascertain if I am the health visitor with whom you wish to work.

Following this consultation I can prepare a parenting programme for you, consisting of a number of one-hour home visits and other support as you require.

I am aware that having babies and children gives rise to a great deal of expense. You will pay only for the visits received and may withdraw from your parenting programme at any time. While I do not charge you for cancellation or rescheduling, I ask that you kindly let me know at least one day beforehand.

You will also be able to contact me via telephone, email at any time during your parenting programme.

Throughout your parenting programme I request that you provide me with regular feedback. I see this feedback as a gift to help me improve my service to you and others.

To find out more about Essex Independent Health Visiting please contact us by clicking here.

Essex Independent Health Visitors and the NHS

I have worked within the NHS and fully support and work alongside your local NHS Health Visitor and General Practitioner. Unfortunately in the current climate of NHS cutbacks and pressure on staff and the need to prioritise care means that not all parents get the level and type of service that they would like.

In addition, health visiting in the NHS is changing direction. Regular home visiting and support is often not provided to all parents but will be targeted at those assessed to be experiencing the greatest health threats.

Your Health Visiting Practitioner from Essex Independent Health Visitors will have all the time for you and your child that you need. I am driven by the needs of your child and by your goals as a parent. While I will continually adopt best practice as demonstrated by clinical research, I am aware that my only client is you.

My health visiting programme is designed to provide a health visiting for babies and children and their parents, but of course you retain the right to NHS provision should you wish to revert to this at any time. You keep all the records made during your parenting programme with Essex Independent Health visitors.

How can I help you?

Looking for an Independent private midwife & health visitor? If you’d like to arrange an appointment, please contact me either via email or telephone.

Dear Amelia Just to let you know Kitty’s tongue seems to be healing well. She can now move it around really well and it hasn’t bothered her atall! Thank you again for your help

Lucy Mark and Kitty

We were happy with all aspects of your care package and would not hesitate to use you again next time! Many thanks for all your help!

Lara Mark and Naomi

When I met you I knew that Id be happy and comfortable placing my care in your hands which strengthened as time progressed. I couldn’t have hoped for a more perfect pregnancy and birth and the circumstances in which Olivia entered the world, at home, and relaxed would not have happened without you. In the first days and weeks as a new Mum it was of great peace of mind to know that you were there for me at the end of a telephone, or in person when I needed you.

Jo and Olivia

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