I provide ‘one to one’ support to you and your birth partner in hospital.

I will keep you informed providing you with information to aid your choice. Research demonstrates continuous support in labour has clinically meaningful benefits for women and infants with no known harm. In hospital I seek a positive relationship with midwives caring for you while informing them of your birth plan and wishes. I remain throughout as your advocate. Evidence shows that this leads to higher rate of parent satisfaction.

I remain with you for some time post birth to ensure you are well and settled.

Our Care Packages

Reduced package


10 visits over antenatal and postnatal period. Visiting schedule to be decided with parents. Included would be an initial ‘booking’ appointment with antenatal and postnatal appointments. 24 hour midwife access. Midwife support in hospital for birth of baby. Loan of TENS Machine. Postnatal visits to deliver an experienced professional to assess the physical health and wellbeing of mother and baby as well as providing professional care information and guidance to increase your comfort and reassurance. In addition I provide breastfeeding and early parenthood support. Postnatal package length can be extended if arranged as an addition to local NHS midwife visits.

Complete Hospital Birth Package

  • Complete package includes 10 antenatal visits in home lasting approximately 1 hour.
  • ‘Get ready for birth and parenthood’ sessions
  • 24 hour midwifery access throughout pregnancy
  • Loan of TENS Machine
  • On call from 37 weeks until birth
  • Support in hospital to birth of baby

Postnatal care of 8-10 visits to support breastfeeding and early parenthood. Length of package is 4-6 weeks. Postnatal package length can be extended if arranged as an addition to local NHS midwife visits.

Hospital Birth Only Package

  • 2 antenatal visits in your home.
  • On call from 37 weeks until birth of baby.
  • Loan of TENS Machine
  • Support in hospital to birth of baby
How can I help you?

Looking for an Independent private midwife & health visitor? If you’d like to arrange an appointment, please contact me either via email or telephone.

Dear Amelia Just to let you know Kitty’s tongue seems to be healing well. She can now move it around really well and it hasn’t bothered her atall! Thank you again for your help

Lucy Mark and Kitty

We were happy with all aspects of your care package and would not hesitate to use you again next time! Many thanks for all your help!

Lara Mark and Naomi

When I met you I knew that Id be happy and comfortable placing my care in your hands which strengthened as time progressed. I couldn’t have hoped for a more perfect pregnancy and birth and the circumstances in which Olivia entered the world, at home, and relaxed would not have happened without you. In the first days and weeks as a new Mum it was of great peace of mind to know that you were there for me at the end of a telephone, or in person when I needed you.

Jo and Olivia

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