For midwifery/health visiting bookings:
I offer a no commitment ‘Consultation’ visit with you in your home to discuss your personal wishes and requirements. This lasts for approximately one hour affording you the time and opportunity to ask your questions. Importantly this visit enables us to decide our suitability to work together. The consultation incurs a non refundable fee.

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For Tongue Tie division visits:
A consultation and tongue tie assessment will be undertaken. If baby does have a tongue tie and parents wish the procedure to divide the tongue tie to be undertaken this will be done in the same visit. If not then the non refundable consultation fee will be payable.

Late Cancellation fee:
Inclusion of this fee is unfortunate but necessary due to some clients cancelling too late to offer the time to another client. I now charge a £20 cost on all appointments that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.